VeriTest® Meat

The VeriTest® Meat proficiency testing scheme is designed for laboratories routinely testing meat and meat products. The microbiology programme covers testing done by labs routinely involved in microbiological monitoring of meat processing operations for the effects of slaughter, dressing and boning processes, and the microbiological quality of the product. The chemistry programme is designed for labs routinely undertaking chemical analyses on meat and meat products, including Tallow. For more information see VeriTest® Meat Microbiology Programme Description PDF (127 KB) and/ or VeriTest® Meat Chemistry Programme Description. PDF (117 KB) 

VeriTest® Meat Schedule

New Zealand and International Customers:

Refer VeriTest® Meat Timetable (New Zealand) PDF (673 KB)

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Australian Customers

Refer VeriTest® Meat Timetable (Australia) PDF (750 KB)

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